Used “Vintage” Audio Equipment & Keyboard/Synths

OK, here's the story. I used to own a commercial recording studio which was shut down many years ago,

but of which some equipment was kept for a small personal studio.


Aside from a few exceptions, this gear has only been used sporadically since the old studio days,

and never taken out of my small personal studio.


Most of the gear on this page was purchased brand new, except when indicated “second hand”.

These prices are not etched in stone. I am open to offers.


This is a one time thing. Once they are gone, this page will disappear





As seen on ebay, 09/20/'12


Thumbnail Photos

(of the actual units)

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Studio/PA Equipment---------Studio/PA Equipment






Drawmer digital dynamics processor

The Drawmer M500 provides everything you could ask from the most powerful digitally controlled dynamics in the world and more. Its ability to combine up to seven 'effects' simultaneously is unsurpassed.
A different combination of effects and parameters can be assigned for each of its two channels. Utilising two high specification VCAs to provide a minimum signal path, the Drawmer M500 eliminates the disadvantages of limited bandwidth, noise build up, and time delay associated with multiple signal processing.

Ease of Operation. To ensure that the engineer can exploit the full potential of the Drawmer M500 in the minimum of set up time Drawmer have included special features to allow 'user friendly' operation.

  • 128 memory patches to provide instant access to 'everyday' processing tasks.
  • All parameters of operation can be adjusted by a single rotary encoder.
  • 'Colour coded' keypad for function selection.
  • Backlit 'supertwist' LCD for easy readability.

Functions (Effects).

  • FREQUENCY SELECTIVE NOISE GATE- Offers a powerful array of parameters including peak attack, trigger, pre-delay, re-trigger mask and 'Dynamic Envelope Transfer' for fully creative signal shaping.
  • DE-ESSER- Full band, single band, two band and two band complex.
  • COMPRESSOR-Switchable Hard/Soft knee compression, selectable Auto threshold, Auto attack/release and Auto gain make up.
  • EXPANDER-Threshold, ratio, hold, release, and range.
  • LIMITER-Threshold, attack, hold and auto/manual release.
  • AUTO PAN-Adjustable parameters and 8 pre-set pan waves triggerable from any source including MIDI.
  • AUTO-FADER- Fade up time, fade down time, range and trigger source (up to 99 seconds fade time). Keypad or MIDI triggerable.  

Excellent/Mint condition




TC Electronics Finalizer Plus

Mint condition




Behringer Ultracurve Pro







CD 401



Tascam rack mount CD player.

Controllable remotely, XLR and SPDIF outs. Was often used by radio stations. The laser unit is brand new.

Excellent condition

405 dist amp



ART distribution amplifier

Second hand




Barcus Berry hi frequency exciter


Excellent condition

BSS 360








This unit is brilliant. It is the only unit I have ever seen that can have a negative ratio, i.e. volume reduces as more level is applied. I have personally seen this technique used on  Celine Dion’s voice live.

Excellent condition





CDP CX-270


$73 (+$76)


Sony 200 CD changer/player.

CD info can be entered via a computer keyboard for front panel display.


Very good condition.Was used mainly for storage and not played much at all.





$1800(not ebay)

$1299 (ended listing)

TC Electronic Delay, all options, i.e. Memory and sampling.

The studio standard for decades.


Near Mint condition (rack hash)



$1366 (+$104) (not SE, )

$910 USD

$989 USD

$1000 USD

$600 USD (starting bid, 4 days to go)

Eventide Reverb and effects unit. Another studio classic. With sampling option.


Excellent condition







DBX dual compressor

2 available.


Excellent condition.





$272 (+$78)

$254 (+$83)


$195 (+ $64)


Drawmer dual noise gate. An industry standard for decades.

2 available.


Still in production ($900)


Mint condition.




$150 USD

Valley People quad noise gate



Excellent/mint condition.







Classic Lexicon Reverb.


Good Condition.

(scratches, rack hash)

UREI 1176


$1695 USD (not ebay)


$1464 (+146)

$2690 (Brand New)

Classic UREI limiter. Original 1970s model. Has been reinserted in production with “NO” changes and sells for $2000


Very good condition

Purchased second hand





Peavey power amp


Built like a tank and weighs almost as much.



Second hand,



$1171 (2 units, cables, case, tapes)

$200 (starting bid, 2 days to go)

Tascam digital 8 track recorder.



Mint Condition. Transport has less than 50 hours of use. Unit was used as front end A/D converter for DAW.




Tascam remote control for DA-38/88 series

Good condition

DA38 acces.








Tascam TDIF to AES/EBU(x4) converter

Excellent condition




Tascam Midi synchronising unit

Mint condition





Soundscape Mixtreme PC interface and software mixer.

Connects to DA-38 or TM-D1000 via TDIF.

Excellent condition




Tascam digital mixer


Second hand. Operating  condition


Folio Sx



Soundcraft Folio Sx mixer


20 inputs (12 mic preamps), 4 busses, 4 auxs

3 band eq with swept mids.


Very good/Excellent condition




Soundcraft LX7 mixer

32 inputs (24 mic preamps), 7 Busses + 6 Auxs

4 band eq with 2 swept mids

The LX7 ii is still in production today and retails $2000USD, and has few changes over this original model.

Excellent/Mint condition



$450-$600 (not ebay) (recommended asking price for 1 powered unit only)

Powered B52 Bass Bins, 1200 Watts RMS. Amp is defective.

One powered Unit & one passive unit.

Still in production (Newer version, v2)


Sold As-is

Purchased second hand


Mini Stratus


$100 (not ebay)

( 2011,

mismatched tweeters)



PSB Audiophile speakers

$400 for the pair


Excellent/Mint condition.

JBL 6208



Internally biamplified Studio Monitors. The model that started a revolution.




Mint Condition





Custom made 19” rack, 14 spaces.

Door on back, with recessed panel AC plug & jack



Very good condition.

703 insulation




Owens Corning 2” Rigid Fiberglass acoustical insulation

This insulation has been the studio standard for acoustical insulation since the 60s. It is still the best today. Much better than any foam product.

The 2nd photo show a custom built panel. Panels can easily be built with this insulation and will provide the best acoustical results for the money.



Flight Case




Flight Case that was used for an effects rack.


2 available


Excellent condition. Used very little.




$439 USD

 (not ebay)

Patch bays(solder on type) 2 available c/w 10 patch cords

Good condtion

Keyboard and Synthesizers ------------------------Keyboard and Synthesizers




Audio to Midi converter for Roland GK type guitar pickup. Will also convert a monophonic signal from a microphone inserted in the 1/4” jack input.


Excellent condition.




Roland Super Quartet.


Synths sections are derived from the Juno 106 and rhythm PCM samples from the TR707.

·         mono bass part (with 20 preset sounds)

·         4 note poly chords part (with 100 preset sounds)

·         2 note poly melody part (sounds as per chords part, except without noise source)

·         11 note rhythm section (TR707 sounds - kick, snare, 3 toms, rim, clap, open & closed hihat, crash & ride)

Whole Mode
The MKS-7 has a "Whole Mode". The Melody and Chord sections are combined and act as a six voice synthesizer. In this mode there is no sound from the Melody Section. To turn on the Whole Mode, use the following procedure:


Contrary to popular belief you *can* edit the MKS7 from the front panel (via engineer mode) but this is very tedious (see here). Thankfully a full sysex spec allows detailed patch editing over MIDI. However, some genius at Roland decided against a backup battery for user RAM (no flash RAM back then!) so all patches are lost on power off.


The rear panel features four seperate mono outputs for each section plus mono & stereo out. MIDI In & Thru only. Modulation and bender sensitivity can be adjusted from the rear panel.

Second hand , Excellent Condition





Classic piano sounds of the 80's.

It's sound has still not been duplicated even with today's technology.


Excellent condition





$146 (+$92)


(for all above, no HD or CD)

Vintage Roland Sampler

All options included

Includes SCSI CD player

and SCSI Hard Drive


Mint condition






Yamaha Synth. Classic unit used by Hip-hop artists.




Very Good condition.




Crucianelli accordeon

Made in Italy. 8 voices, 120 bass notes/intervals/chords, built in pickup with volume and tone control.


Second hand




Korg Workstation

In it’s day, this was the Rolls Royce of workstations.

It sold for close to $10,000. It still sounds great. The combi sounds feature up to each voices each.


Excellent condition





Roland D50 Synthesizer

This is another classic synth which is still used by professionals even today. Includes all 4 optional ROM sound cards.

Excellent condition




Programmer for D50 Synthesizer

Coupled with the D50, the result is one of the most tweakable synths ever. Or, with a special mod(requires an EPROM change, use it as a midi controller

 Mint condition

MPU 104



Midi 5x1 input selector


MPU 105



Midi 1x5 switch selected distribution










Classic Roland Rhythm Composer and Drum Machine

Used very little

Excellent\Mint condition.


Inspiron 1520



Dell laptop

Intel Core 2 duo @ 1.5Ghz, 120GB HD, Vista Ultimate SP2 32bit, 1.5 GB RAM, Wired/Wireless,  4 USB2.0, FW/1304, one slot, memory card slot, etc.

Good condition








IBM Thinkpad laptop computer.

Pentium III,

Good condition

Second hand









Chart recorder


Beta deck








$49 (ZX &16K& manual)

Computer, includes manual, 16K memory, custom keyboard, magazines, etc.


Purchased second hand


Teac W800R




TEAC dual cassette deck


Good condition.


Orange Rack



7 foot 19” Rack


Purchased second hand





Diamond Distortion Pedal


Second hand










$67(Camera & case)

$39 (starting bid, 5 days to go)

$117 (camera & flash)


$116(camera & case)

$58 (flash and 1 lens shade)

Minox camera. 

Touted as the smallest 35mm film camera in the world. Package also includes all paperwork, case, FC-35 flash, 2 collapsible filters




Good Condition.


NRI 2500




1 channel oscilloscope


Low end

As-is; works.

Second hand




Toshiba photocopier with stand



Good condition

Trailor jack





New – never used

Tube tester




Case covering in very bad shape, but electronically very clean.


Water cooler






Good condition

Table carte



Folding card table and 4 folding chairs.

Actually 2 extra chairs are available but of another color

Good condition





Healthware Stepper


Good condition





































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